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the sight and smell of the sizable backyard marijuana grow is raising concerns tonight in one bay area neighborhood. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the owner says the pot grow is completely legal, but depends
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on who you ask. eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: we're not identifying this neighborhood but police did come out to investigate. it's not your average backyard garden. >> somebody said it smelled like pot. >> reporter: in the middle of a residential neighborhood. you guys have a marijuana grow back here? >> yeah but the cameras are not all right. when i'm done harvesting my marijuana and take it and dispense it to the clubs. >> reporter: seems like a pretty big operation in there? >> no, actually it's about at the time there were 30 plants. now there's about 10 left. >> reporter: i think that there's more to this story than meeting the eye. and i don't think this going on in a residential area. >> reporter: this neighbor didn't want to be identified. she worries even a legal
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operation could mean trouble. >> i'm afraid that we're going to end up with crime wave over in this section. and i don't want to see that happening. >> reporter: a lot of these people are homeowners, they've been here for 20 plus years. of course they are more than entitled to be concerned for their tpaeubd. >> reporter: that's why he says they try to keep the operation under wraps and for now at least some neighbors are satisfied. >> i don't really mind, they're good people, they're quiet. >> reporter: the city of concord confirms police investigated the property and the owner is following the law. we can tell you other cities in california have explored ordnances that will regulate how and where medical marijuana may be grown. eric rasmussen. new at 10:00, contra costa
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officials have identified the man who died of rabies. health officials say he likely came in contact with a bat in southern contra costa county back in march. this is the county's first death from rabies in almost 20 years. california's new ban against conversion therapy used to tray gay teenagers is now the subject of two federal lawsuits. christian legal group liberty council filed a lawsuit. therapists claim it can change the sexual orientation of teens. the conservative pacific justice institute also filed suit. the ban would take effect january 1st. tonight at 10:25 the story of a gay teen in a battle with the boy scouts. his family's fight for his eagle rank and where they are
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taking it. albany police are releasing new information tonight about the popular teacher who was arrested molestation charges then committed suicide. the chief of police commended the alleged victims for coming forward. azumasaki was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with students a week ago he then committed suicide. many in the community were critical of police because they felt authorities charged him prematurely. san francisco's roman catholic community welcomed its new leader today. salvatore cordiolone was installed as new arch bishop. the new arch bishop's move is short in distance but large in significance. >> reporter: the final prayer in what is the beginning of a new chapter for the san francisco diocese.
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>> it's a blessing for the church. >> reporter: the most reverend salvadore cordeleone is now the arch bishop. >> it was very beautiful and i'm very excited about him being the average bishop. >> i think that's part of his job is to reach out. >> reporter: the question is, will he? cardilioni has a strong defender on the catholic church's opposition of the same- sex ban. >> this is signaling excitement rather than anger in the catholic church. >> reporter: the vatican's appointment of codilioni to san francisco is interested in a smaller purer church. >> it may be that the church is signaling not so much interest in holding on to people that
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are already struggling with some of those teachings. but a willingness maybe to even let them go. >> reporter: catholics we spoke to at the installation say they believe the arch bi bishop will reach out to liberal catholics. >> i am sure he will do so. i'm sure that's one of top things on his list. >> reporter: the arch bishop has not addressed the media but says he wants to reach o ut. >> in return, prosecutorred drops a charge of driving under the influence. the plea stems from his arrest in august at a dui checkpoint in san diego. cordileone has apologized for his error in judgment. outside of st. mary's cathedral supporters and
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opponents of the new arch bishop made their opinions known. on one side gay rights supporters they want the catholic church to be more supportivity of the lgbt community. on the other side devout catholics welcoming cordoleone. they both had their opinions. first the protesters. >> we should have the freedom and rights to say what are different without being portrayed as haters. >> reporter: during the demonstrations, coteleone walked into the cathedral and did not address the crowd. and there was another change, mark andrews was invited into the installation and was not seated: instead an usher escorted him to the basement level. bishop andrus then left before the mass began. san francisco police have arrested a man in connection
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with the double homicide in the city visitation's valley neighborhood. 23-year-old keith wilkins of san francisco was charged today with two counts of murder. he was already in custody for a probation violation. the double homicide took place on berr street on the last day of july. police say it happened in the middle of afternoon during the middle of an altercation. they say wilkins father shot two men. police in livermore have released surveillance video of two suspected bank robbers. this is a surveillance photo showing one of the robbers going over the bank's front counter. here's a second photo. the two suspects got away on foot and were last seen running from the bank. no injuries were reported. the national hockey league has cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season due to the ongoing players lock out. fans will miss at least five
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games including two home games. the players were locked out last month when the collective bargaining agreement expired. the two sides have been unable to reach a deal. turning now to the race for the white house and the debate over the first debate. and the winner seems pretty clear. a flurry of public opinion polls say republican mitt romney outperformed president obama. new at 10:00, maureen naylor live in san jose where a lot of people are saying why the president seemed to be off his game last night. maureen. >> reporter: frank we set out tonight to ask about the significant of last night's debate and found people were still talking about it including here. >> oh my goodness we were just discussing that. >> reporter: this trio of sisters shoot on the debate over dinner. >> we all agree that mitt romney did a fantastic job and he had a fair shake this time and we felt like obama just didn't want to be there. >> reporter: a poll found
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67%over respondents felt mitt romney won the first debate compared to 25% that felt obama was victorious. >> i am now not sure which direction i'm going to go. >> really? >> yes. >> because of a debate. >> because of a debate. >> the reality, kennedy's often win the first debate then they end up losing the election. >> reporter: for example, john kerry. an energized mitt romney took a victory lapse of sorts. while in wisconsin, president obama appeared to have the fighting attitude many felt he lacked. >> whoever was on stage last
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night was not does not appear to want to be responsible for what he's been selling the last year. >> reporter: some political analysts believe it was an intention by the president not to be so aggressive. and they feel joe biden will more likely be the attacker against paul ryan. governor romney said his controversial remarks about the 48%, he said those comments were wrong. he was talking about his comments that 48% of americans were dependent on the government. he now says they were completely wrong. >> they were great great friends. >> new details about an argument between bay area friends that ended
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play often fever is gripping both sides of the bay. ktvu's amber lee live in san francisco with how businesses are trying to recapture the magic they last saw during the giant's world series win. >> reporter: gasia, it's october orange. a tribute to the giant's
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success. landmarks such as coit tower are aglow and has businesses seeing green. the w hotel south of market has sold out this weekend at $400 to $500 a room per night. the giants playing the first play off game at home this weekend is the reason for all the hype. >> it's the local residents coming in, not so much the out of towners. they come in and make a whole package deal out of it. >> reporter: across the city in alameda, it's the a's that are bringing out the fans. the team is busiest when the team plays in the road. >> it's fun. everybody is happy, smiling, cheering, slapping hands. it's more of a team atmosphere. it's really fun. >> reporter: about a block away, mcgee's bar and grill
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expects up to a 25% increase in business this weekend. postseason baseball is golden for the green and gold faithful. >> it will be packed, we're lucky we have an outdoor patio we can put people out there. we have a big screen out in the patio. hopefully we have enough room to accommodate everybody. >> reporter: this a's fan tells me he'll be watching with friends this weekend and he's looking looking for the world series with dare with say it, the giants versus the a's. >> we're talking about two awesome teams. if they both make it what can you do but cheer for them. >> reporter: store owner tells us they remember what it was like when the giants made the series. they say it's a euphoric feeling they can't wait to
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recapture. the video of the jump with 80-year-old laverne everett in lodite last year went viral. you can see there her leg slipped out of the harness but she was actually fine and never complained. now the faa is fining parachutist mcglen for unproperly fitting the harness and unproperly leaving the aircraft. in san jose, police were able to catch a group of burglars. a security camera and a citizen with a still camera caught footage of two males and two females loading up stolen item spwaos -- into a white honda pilot. all of the suspects are minors and thus we're not showing their faces. the group is responsible of
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burglarizing several homes in days. two other suspects were arrested after a short foot chase. the california parol board recommended parol today for a former follower of charles manson. bruce davis has served 40 years for the murder of a musician and stunt man. the entire parol board must still approve his parol. new information tonight about an argument between friends that left two men dead. ktvu's ann rubin tells us what the men argued about and the past threats that were never taken seriously. >> reporter: a colleague constructed the crosses in the yard, one for each victim. >> they were great great friends. and they were amazing men. >> reporter: in fact, vallejo police believe it was a third friend a man who lived right
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across the street who was responsible for gunning them down. after a brief stand off, they arrested 65-year-old martin honaquer a marine and vietnam veteran. >> he's very opinionated and very strong willed. he's a strong marine but just the nicest guy. >> reporter: friends are in shock, they said honeger and the victims were close spending most days hanging in the garage, watching tv or sharing a few beers. but neighbors say the friends did fight over politics and things like veteran benefits and they said honeger did carry a gun sometimes in sometimes his waistband. >> the family asked me to make a statement and tell everybody just you know that he was loved and it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: friends of the victims say both were beloved fathers and husbands and that they will be dearly missed. >> they just seemed to be
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friends and it's just something triggered. i'm not sure. we just have to details yet. >> reporter: the shooting happened at 6:09 p.m. right after the start of the presidential debate. right now the suspect remains in the solano county jail. a redwood city marine was laid to rest today almost 70 years after he disappeared during a world war ii mission. sergeant james sisney and six others were given full military honors at arlington national military. they were on a plane that crashed in the south pacific in 1944. it took more than 50 years to find the wreck on a small island. it then took several more years to retrieve their remains through rugged terrain. >> it's an incredible feeling to know that, here i go. that your family is honored in
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this way. it makes you feel really good. you know to know that at a place like this that your family name will be resting here. >> reporter: family members say the marines are finally getting a big thank you for their sacrifice. all seven will be buried in one casket. and welcome back. temperatures today definitely cooled everyone further. we had a lot of cooling yesterday. further cooling today. these were the numbers not 100s inland but 70s. tomorrow dropped down a couple of more degrees. here's what's going on. the marine layer really got fat. it stretched out. at this hour tonight it's up over 30,000 feet. what has that done? gotten rid of the fog. we're seeing low clouds but along the coast we're seeing basically very little if any fog at all. so as -- as we go through the next couple of days with this really fat inversion we're
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going to see clouds. i've got a bunch of stuff. i'll forecast each individual event, i'll see you back here. cupertino will fly the city flag at half staff to celebrate the first anniversary of steve job's death. he made his last appearance in front of the cuperitno city council. mark santoro said on the city website that flying the flag at half staff is a small reminder of the profound impact that steve jobs has had on their community. >> they roared through san francisco today. if blue angels practice runs
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new at 10:00, a bay area teenager say it is boy scouts of america are preventing him from becoming a boy scout all because he is gay. jana katsuyama spoke with the family and is live with his battle against the boy scout's policy. >> reporter: frank, ryan andrason just finished this wall last week. it's called the wall of tolerance. expect for this last one, it was supposed to be his last medal as a scout but now says he won't sign on it. last week ryan thought he had reached the dream of being a boy scout. the family gave us a picture of him next to this tolerance
11:55 pm
wall. a mosaic of an anti bullying message. >> he had reflected and wanted to include our current students in making a positive message here. >> reporter: but on sunday, ryan learned that his troop scout master refused to sign off on the project because ryan is openly gay. ryan's mother karen is outraged and posted a petition on tuesday. in her letter she writes it hurts me so much to watch ryan suffer for being who he is because to me he is perfect. the family has received hundreds of e-mails and comments from people on both sides of the issue. >> it's hard, i can't really say that it's a right or wrong. it's not a right or wrong it's just a matter of perspective. >> i hope the community is better than that. i hope the eagle scouts are better than that. they should change the policy. >> reporter: in just the past
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few minutes hundreds of people have signed this petition on in support of ryan. we did try to contact the boy scout leaders but have not heard any replies from him. ryan's family has been asked to appear on a national television show next week and they hope to convince the boy scouts to change their policy. jana katsuyama, ktvu. today boxer orlando cruz revealed he is gay. the 31-year-old is a featherweight from puerto rico and the announcement comes just two weeks before his next fight. cruz said he struggled with his decision but says he is relieved now that he has finally come out. there was a thunderous roar in the sky that seemed to trumpet the arrival of fleet week here in the bay area. with that sound you know the blue angels are back. today the team of precision pilots flew practice runs
11:57 pm
giving people a preview of this weekend's air show. fleet week is more than the navy's blue angels it's ships and sailors in port and on leave. >> to be truthful because i'm an honest guy, my plan is to do the sailor thing and that's to drink. >> the blue angels are part of a bigger show. a spike you're on timeout leo!
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developing news now, a wild chase in the east bay in just the past hour. alameda county sheriff's deputies chased a woman from san leandro to oakland entirely on east 14th. she went through one red light after the other. our cameras caught the chase on 14th. when she got to the end of east 14th she turned around and headed back the other way. it all lasted nearly a half an hour and came to an end at 64th avenue. that's where the woman was taken into custody. if you filled up the tank today chances are you noticed the difference. gas prices are at a record for the year. john sasaki looks at what's behind the spike and when we should see some relief. >> reporter: it may be surprising that such a simple task can be this painful. >> it adds up fast. i'm a teacher and i can't afford to pay for gas. >> reporter: filling up in fremont and across the state is now a lot more expensive. >> yeah, it just seems that it keeps going up and up. doesn't seem like it ever seems to want to stop.
12:01 am
>> reporter: this man bought premium for $3.95 a gallon. significantly more than he did last week. >> $4.29. >> so 66-cents. >> yes. >> in a week. >> it's just so weird. it's just too much. >> reporter: wholesale gas prices have recently jumped $1. experts say it's not because of any shortage of crude oil. this sudden jump of 66 or more at the pump is due to a slower of production in california that started with the august chevron refinery fire in richmond and peaked with more problems this week. >> gas prices have gone up crazy this week. >> reporter: in santa clara we met with the president of robinson oil which opens rotten robbie the gas station. >> over the last week there's been a couple of other problems. one of them was the refinery fire that seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back. >> reporter: some drivers have their doubts. >> come on, we've been through this before.
12:02 am
i think that's a lot of crock but that's just my opinion. i don't believe that. >> reporter: prices may continue to rise but they should start to drop once the refineries get back to their normal production level. in fremont, i'm john sasaki. more details now on the jump at gas prices at the pump. in san jose a gallon of regular unleaded is averaging $4.37. in oakland it's a little cheaper at $4.34. in san francisco drivers are paying the most at an average of $4.43 a gallon. the santa clara coroner believed that a foot that washed up belonged to a missing hiker from san bruno. dna were a match for jeffrey mchenry. he had gone on a climbing trip. a fisherman found the foot. his family is now seeking a court order to declare mchenry
12:03 am
is dead. but the coroner says they can't do that unless more of his remains are found. investigators say barrett began throwing rocks. that's when a deputy shot several rounds hitting the suspect in the hip. barrett was arrested on assault on an officer. 45-year-old eric mandell died at a hospital after a shooting. when officers tried to contact mandell he ran around a corner. that's when they say mandell pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head. so far, oakland is averaging three people killed in a day. and people say it's like a war zone. because of what happened today
12:04 am
there's now the possibility that the federal government could take over the police department. >> reporter: oakland police say with the recent up tick in crime it's time for the community to band together. today city and community leaders showed a united front. in the wake of several homicides earlier this week. police say they are not connected but the victims were targeted. >> this city tragically experienced five murders in just an 18 hour period cannot be allowed to continue. >> people are dying, man is anybody interested in that. i know your houses are being broken into. i know there's robbery and i know there's theft and all of that kind of stuff. but how does that equate when you're dealing with the lives of human beings. >> reporter: opd is working with the atf with a gun buy out. but some say that's not enough. the chief will work with religious leaders on a plan that includes an increased focus on crime through prevention and community outreach. >> east oakland is a war zone.
12:05 am
west oakland in certain parts is a war zone. we need some immediate help now. >> reporter: and that help might come as a result of a take over. today attorneys filed a motion to place opd under federal control. chief jordon says he hasn't seen the document but says they are in compliance with the reforms. >> we are one team. we're pushing in the right direction which is to make this department a constitutionally practice policing. and a professional organization that respects the rights of others. >> reporter: the city is expected to fight the recommendation. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, late today oakland major gene quan issued a statement on today's filing it says in part quote, the vast majority of our officers are doing amazing, brave work under tough circumstances. i am proud of the progress they have made. >> reporter: a morgan hill
12:06 am
mother accused of fleeing the scene of a robbery scene and ditching her daughter was arrested. this is the new booking photo of marcy erico. she fled to nevado after a botched robbery. it's finally happened facebook now has more than 1 billion users and most of them are actually from outside of the united states. ceo mark zuckerberg announced the milestone. it took the social media giant six years to hit the 500 million user mark and barely two years to double that. but only 166 million out of the billion users are from the united states. and a reminder get ktvu news to go download the ktvu
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app. click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. >> a very happy reunion today between one south bay girl and her puppy. the dog's four day ordeal after a burglary on monday. >> an i'm back here in just a few moments. the fog hasn't gone away. but that doesn't
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12:09 am
new video tonight of a deadly crash in sonoma county. it happened at 8:10 on or that
12:10 am
would drive -- in sonoma. it's not clear who was driving the motorcycle and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. four california facilities have received shipments of steroid injections linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak. the alameda health department told ktvu the medicine was shipped to facilities in los angeles, and mendocino county. so far there are no reports of any indenses. the tainted steroids injections came from a massachusetts pharmaceutical firm and are used to treat back pain. a little girl has a story to tell after she was reunited with her little puppy. the 5 -month-old puppy went missing during a burglary on monday and marisa offered all of the money in her piggy bank.
12:11 am
a woman in merced contacted the family and said she found the puppy. >> not just that the puppy is back and my daughter is happy again. but it's just that the community helped. >> reporter: real says she found the puppy in a target parking lot she said she thought it was a stray so she brought him home. in the end marisa didn't have to empty the piggy bank because others recognized de real's good deed and offered her a reward. seemed to suggest the is st the dow industrials rose 80 points, the nasdaq rose 15. starbucks is testing a variety of baked goods before
12:12 am
extending nationally. among the treats being tested, a spinach crossant and lemon cake. in news of the world in turkey, troops fired across the border for a second day. syria apologized and offer condolences. late today the united nations security council condemned yesterday's incidents but it appears neither side wants the bloodshed to escalate into an all out war. a landslide buried an elementary school. at least two farmhouses are also under the mud. this is a national holiday in china and the students normally would have been up but they were making up for days lost during a deadly earthquake last month. a group tried to dock a small yacht but police stopped them. the group called women on waves said they were there to provide safe medical abortions on board
12:13 am
the boat. abortion is illegal in most cases in morocco. protesters were on hand and called the activists terrorists and assassins. there's a new recall affecting hundreds of thousands of hondas. plus twitter's record during last night's debate and why some say it is a game changer. >> plus an orange city hall tonight in san francisco as tonight in san francisco as play [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. there are some newly registered voters tonight at one of the south bay's largest homeless shelters. homeless advocates hosted a voter registration at the bocardo regional in san jose. they said some of the guests didn't know they could vote if they didn't have a home. they were told they could use the address of the shelter.
12:16 am
the address was part of the national homeless and low income voter registration week. the candidate's words were being dissected in realtime. >> reporter: last night's political debate between challenger mitt romney and president barack obama may have gardeners high ratings on tv but it also the received top tweets. they told me the debate was the most tweeted political event ever and there were notable spikes during the debate. this minute by minute chart shows when activity rose or fell. one moment was when moderator jim lehrere declined to take the debate to another topic. analysts say the ability for
12:17 am
people to comment on everything from the moderator to who they think is winning is a game changer. during the evident, several accounts sprung up especially after this comment about pbs funding. >> i like big bird, i like you too but i'm not going to keep borrowing money from china to pay for it. >> reporter: appliance maker kitchen aid usa twitter page sent out this tweet after president obama told a story about his late grandmother. quote obama's grandma everyone knew it was going to be bad, she died three days before she became president. end quote. the kitchen aid tweeter account apologized and said they had removed that person from the tweeter team. companies must learn how to account for gaffes in the
12:18 am
twitter media as they would for regular media. american commented on what has been causing seats to come lose. american points to ware and tear, bad design everyone spilled soda. honda is recalling more than 820,000 civics and pilot suvs because the headlights can fail. the recall affects civics from the 2002 and 2003 model years and pilots from 2004 and 2005. the company says wires connecting a switch that controls the head lights and turn signals can overheath a nd -- overheat and in some cases melt. honda says it will fix the wiring for free. and we've got light winds out there right now. you know what the fog along the coast it's gone away. the inversion got so thick i mentioned this earlier that the fog is clear.
12:19 am
we had a lot of fog this morning. a lot of fog this afternoon, but it's gone away. what you're going to see are winds in the golden gate bridge. they're gusting to 9 miles per hour out of the west. that's not much for this time of night. as we go through the evening hours i suggest the fog is going to settle down a little bit so we'll see more patchy fog along the coast. but this is interesting development. the inversion is so deep the fog can't even form. as we move into this bay area weekend. like the blue angels and some of the stuff for fleet week. we were worried about fog but i have a feeling that clouds are going to be low fog. it's chilly because the nights are getting long, the days are getting short. we're in the fall now we're heading toward winter. we're heading toward the solstice. the fog is up to 3,000, 2,000 feet.
12:20 am
so there's no inversion, what is now up here is cloud. expect more deepening and less fog. temperatures remain on the cool side because this is going to usher a lot of cool air off the coast. as we head into the bay area weekend it's a big one in san francisco. there's a lot going on. the bluegrass festival starts tomorrow take a jacket for sure. late afternoon, you're in the low 60s at best at the park. for fleet week, for the flying shows there'll be cloud but they'll be higher clouds. so we're worried about that low dense base. then we have baseball going on all weekend: the giants are playing, temperatures are going to be cool for both those games. so you need jackets there. you head down south just a little bit down to candle stick an if -- and the niners are playing. as you get into the fourth quarter they're going to be in
12:21 am
the low 50s with a breeze. the weather is going to cooperate but you're going to need jackets if you're traveling around. the forecast highs tomorrow look just like today. maybe a degree or two cooler. good air quality. fire danger takes a big time break and we're getting a really neat looking bay area coming up. it's interesting because if this would have been last weekend, with all these events going on it would have been a different story. but all the nation is going to be looking at the bay area. >> there's a lot of stuff going on. >> a lot going on. >> thank you, bill. >> sure. more than 800,000 rural property owners were assessed a $150,000 fee to cover the cost of fighting fires. the howard jarvis taxpayer association wants to block that fee and wanted refunds. it passed with a simple majority last year. all right the giants and their
12:22 am
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12:24 am
scientists have said to begin a new project aimedded at keeping lake tahoe blue. there's a small colony of asian clams and that treatment would
12:25 am
essentially kill the clams. ways from the nonnative clams cause algea blooms from brown to green. the project is set to begin august 15th. and boy, if you think people are excited in the city now. just wait. >> yeah, the calm before you storm you might say. you know for this year and this year only the major league division is set up that they play the best team at home and then the rest on the road. baker is already in san francisco for saturday and sunday's game. dusty is back after losing several weeks for a stroke. he was 0-2 against the reds this season and the giants were just 3-4 against the reds over
12:26 am
all. 23-year-old madison baumgartner starts on sunday. baumgartner completed a full shut out game. >> that game was fortunate i was able to do that. thankfully things went my way. i just have to go out there and got to compete. make pitches, win some games. >> reporter: a's manager bob melvin and curt young haven't announced the starting pitcher for saturday. but you bet it's going to be a rookie. yesterday rookie evan skrigner relieved griffin. and skrigner pitched three hitless innings against the rangers. that's a major league record. >> just impressed, impressed with everything these guys have done all yearlong. and like i said they're not rookies anymore. they've been through this season. and in this division to come out on top is just so special. >> the end result is a little shocking. we know how good we are, we
12:27 am
know what we deserve. we felt we earned this and we took it. >> the 49ers are still the class of the nfc division but arizona won its first four games. the rams, already surpassed their victory from last year. and they sacked kaub nine times. it's the lowest point total for the cardinals since 2004. kaulb took it like a man but that's going to leave a mark. quarterback sam bradford hits given for a 52-yard pick up. utah led 14-0 early but trojans quarterback matt barkley brings it back. ufc wins 38-28 and that's sports as we see it this thursday night. >> a lot of baseball action. can't wait for those baseball play offs.
12:28 am
>> we'll see yo ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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